Helping Penang Go Digital

The COVID-19 pandemic heightened the need for ordinary Penangites to go digital - from paying bills online, connecting through video calls and ordering food delivery.

Funded by the Penang State Government to create part time work during this COVID-19 crisis, the Digital Promoter Scheme and Digital Coach Scheme aims to encourage and promote the use of basic digital technology among ordinary Penangites.

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Digital Promoter

Support the adoption of cashless payments throughout Penang.

  • 6 hours work week (work only on weekends and weekday nights)
  • RM 500/month


  • Reach out to members of public to equip them with basic knowledge about the various ways they can digitise their business
  • Perform visits to hawker stalls / wet markets / night markets / business centres / SMEs to convince stall owners to digitalise different parts of their businesses
  • Provide on-site general assistance to troubleshoot and answer query with regards to digital payments / cashless payments / digital solutions
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Digital Coach

To teach digital skills as part of a wider effort to promote the adoption of digital technologies at the grassroots level.

  • Flexible working hours (may be required to work during weekends and at night)
  • RM 1,000/month


  • Curate and develop teaching materials on how to use basic technology (Eg: How to use e-hailing, online banking, email, video calls, etc.)
  • Organize workshop and clinics to deliver teaching materials
  • Attend to email support on queries on how to use everyday technologies
  • Work with partners and stakeholders on promotional campaigns