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E-wallet (Touch N Go)
TNG application will be used as a guide for this class. Covering the process of signing up for an e-wallet and how to use its main functions such as paying and toping up.
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Penang Smart Parking
Quick tutorial on how to sign up for Penang Smart Parking. The basic functions of Penang Smart Parking such as top up, registration of vehicle and payment will be guided through as well.
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This module focuses on the set up and utilisation of the basic functions of email. Students will create a Gmail account and learn how to use it via browser and mobile application. This is highly recommended for those who want to develop a foundation in establishing their digital presence online as most applications, websites and other online services require an email address.
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Social Media
Participants are taught how to use basic functions such as adding friends, interreacting on Facebook and taking safety precautions when setting up their account.
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